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About Me

Miranda Grant is not a serial killer.

She’s a writer. As an author of fantasy and paranormal romance, she absolutely needs to know such things like how many dead cats can fit in a bathtub (99, 198.1 if blended), what human flesh tastes like (pork), and best (not easiest) way to make murder look like an accident (give them a hickey). This non-serial killer lady lives with her partner, who often drags her outside, claiming ‘sunlight is necessary’ and ‘social interactions are a good thing’. Given her questionable search history, she goes along with it, thinking it’ll be better to have less ‘aloof serial killer vibes’ should the police ever knock on her door…

If you want to keep an eye on her, you can do so on her Facebook group: Readers of the Myth.

This link is not for people trying to figure out where she hides all the bodies.

Because there are no bodies.